Link 16 Oct The Now Nexus»
Link 11 Oct The Now Nexus | BooksGoSocial»
Link 3 Oct Change Is The Only Constant | LinkedIn»
Link 18 Aug The Now Nexus: An Ontology for the Coming Age - eBook: Don Peek: 9781449756710»


Link 16 Aug The Cool Hunter - Amazing Places»

o yeah

Video 14 Aug

MoZella - Amnesia

Good Stuff!


Link 10 Aug The Now Nexus - An Ontology for the Coming Age»

The Now Nexus

Video 2 Aug

mymainplace turned 3 today!

Link 2 Aug President And His Faith - The Faith-Based Initiative Controversy | The Jesus Factor | FRONTLINE | PBS»
Link 2 Aug Leo Peek - Google»


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